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S70/S90XS Specifications

Keyboard 76/88 keys, Balanced Hammer Effect Keyboard
Tone Generator AWM2 with Expanded Articulation
Maximum polyphony 128 notes
Multi Timbral Capacity 16 Internal Parts + Mic Input Part
Wave 456 MB (when converted to 16-bit linear format), 2,772 waveforms
Voice Preset: 1,024 normal voices + 64 drum kits, GM: 128
normal voices + 1 drum kits, User: 128 x 4 (Bank 1 - 3: selected and copied from Preset bank), Normal
Voice + 32 drum kits
Effects Reverb x 9 types, Chorus x 22 types, Insertion 53 types x 8 blocks, Master
Effect x 9 types, Master Equalizer (5 bands), Part EQ (3 bands, stereo)
Playback SMF Format 0/1 (playback only)
Arpeggio Preset x 6,779 types
User x 256 types (when loading the User Arpeggio data of MOTIF XS)
Bundled Software Cubase AI
Controllers Pitch Bend wheel, Modulation wheel, Assignable Control sliders (4), Assingable Control knows (4),Data dial
Display graphic backlit LCD
Jack and Terminals

Headphones: PHONES (standard stereo phone jack)
Foot Control: FOOT CONTROLLER1,2
Microphone: MIC INPUT (combo jack)
Assignable OUT: ASSIGNABLE OUTPUT L, R (standard phone jack)
Line OUT: OUTPUT L/MONO, R (standard phone jack)
USB: USB (to device), USB (to host)

Internal Memory 192MB
Power Consumption 25W
Dimensions, Weight

S70XS: Width: 1,320mm (51.9"), Weight: 20.4 kg (44.2 lbs)
S90XS: Width: 1,472mm (58") , Weight: 22.4kg (49.6 lbs.)

Accessories AC Power cord, Owner's Manual, Owner's Manual CD-ROM (containing Reference Manual and Data List)