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About S90

The S90 was released in September 2002 as the ‘heart and soul of a Motif’ but without the Motif’s sequencing and sampling capability. The one major enhancement from a Motif is the addition of a triple-strike acoustic piano, sampled from a Yamaha S700 grand.

Like the original Motif, the S90 can add PLG boards, offers 64-voice polyphony, and employs the same voice structure of Voices (maximum 4-element) and Performances (maximum 4-parts/Voices).

Tim Rice-Oxley from KeaneWith its 88-note Balanced Hammer Action and top quality piano voices the S90 has become a favored instrument for live players throughout the world, including Tim Rice-Oxley from Keane, an exclusive interview with whom can be found on this site.

The arrival of the S90 ES in 2005 and S70/S90XS in 2009 renders the original S90 now very much of a legacy instrument. Nonetheless it still represents outstanding value for money and remains – especially with the preponderance of support material still being produced – a completely viable and sensible choice for both live and studio players.

S90 Specifications S90 Front S90 Back

Yamaha S90

Accompaniment Aids

Songwriter's DrumsThe S90 offers 248 preset arpeggios that can be applied to either single Voices, or Parts in a Performance, offering plenty of scope for self-accompaniment either using actual drumkit beats, or simply groovy-sounding arpeggios and synth parts.

Adding power to your S90

S90 Under Control DVDAlthough the S90 is very straightforward to use there is a lot of power under the hood that tends to go untapped. In 2005 Keyfax NewMedia and Yamaha Guru Dave Bristow teamed up to produce an S90 Master Class DVD [S90 Under Control] a custom Voice Bank, both of which can be found in the S-Mart Shop.

During the past three years many other third-party Voice banks have also been produced for S90 including the Vintage Synths, and B’s Knees collections.