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About S70/S90XS

Packed with more than 1000 Voices, including a brand new piano sample from a Yamaha S6 Concert Grand Piano, this pair of instruments offers top-of-the-range Motif XS sounds in a stage performance setting.

With instant access to features like transpose, tap tempo (for the built-in arpeggio loops), FX level (not only for sounds but your own voice—you can plug a mic straight into the back!) and more, the S70/S90XS goes on to offer 18 minutes of internal recording in Flash memory for your complete arrangement.

MIDI Files can be played directly from USB, there’s a vocoder, and of course the action—weighted Balanced Hammer—is a joy to play on both models.

Check out all the features in the spec pages and on the video.

S70/S90XS Specifications S70/s90xs Front S70/S90XS Back

Yamaha S90XS/S70XS


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