PRO TOOLS: Download S70XS_S90XS_PTools.midnam


LOGIC:   Download S90Object.LSO

CUBASE/SX:  Download the S90script.txt
Using the S90 Script for Cubase:

1. In your computer go to MY COMPUTER
2. Go to the folder PROGRAM FILES and click on it to open it.
3. Go to the folder STEINBERG and click on it to open it.
4. Go to the folder CUBASE VST/32 and click on it to open it.
5. Go to the folder SCRIPTS and click on it to open it.
6. Click and drag the S90script.txt file into the PATCHNAMES folder.

In the TRACK INFO window under PATCHNAME, click on the bank and Motif VOICE that you wish to select.

CAKEWALK/SONAR:  Download Yamaha S90.ins
How to install the S90 SONAR instrument definition:  Download .pdf Instructions

1. Place .ins file in your main cakewalk directory (you will see other .ins files there).
2. Go to OPTIONS at the top of the SONAR Window and select INSTRUMENTS and "Click" on [DEFINE].
3. Click [IMPORT] and go to the SONAR directory.
4.  Select the .ins file YAMAHAS90 (it should be in the list in the left window) and then "Click" on [OPEN]. Select the .ins file by highlighting it and click [OK]. After the file has been imported "click" on [CLOSE].
5.  Select which PORT or PORTS you wish the new definition to define in the left window (if the S90 is your only MIDI device then select them all).  Select the definition you wish to use in the right window and "Click"[OK].
6.  Select a MIDI track and then select a MIDI Channel in the Ch portion of the track display. Select an S90 Voice bank in the Bnk portion of the track display.
7. Select an S90 Voice in the Pch portion of the track display.